The Groove Fitness Studio LLC

Colleen Saullo

Nearly three years ago I came to The Groove with my sister.  We both wanted to get healthier and knew exercise was a great way to start.  Your friendly nature met us warmly and we have been coming ever since.  What has surprised me most is how dedicated I have been to Zumba Gold.  I really hate to miss a class.  Jen has even made me CD's and now videos that I can use when I am away in Florida.  My overall health has improved.  I have very little pain even with fibromyalgia.  My weight is nearly at its ideal number.  I have been gradually losing pounds as I feel more flexible with all my movements.  This class, which meets three times weekly. Jen has created a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes me want to be there every class.  I have made wonderful caring friends.  My physical health has improved, my mental health has improved, and even my inner spirit feels joy.  If you are looking for a positive life changes, I highly recommend joining a class with us. You will be so glad you did.

Patty Swanson

ZUMBA isn't just about dance, it's about the wonderful people you meet or have met there!  I personally have made many new friends at The Groove and continue to make new friends weekly.  It's all of our connection to bettering ourselves, enjoying all different kinds of mucis, supporting each other, but most of all - our fearless leader, Jen Burgmeier, along with all the other instructors, who keep pushing us to become the best that we CAN be!!

So, THANKS and LOVE to ALL - Let's Dance!


Coming to The Groove has helped me in so many ways, by doing the different classes they have helped me to strengthen my muscles and to keep my body flexible as I am getting older.  Also, it has helped me to come out of my comfort zone.  I was a back row person, never wanted to be in the front row...well now I am always in the front row and sometimes up on stage (which I never thought I would do)!  Classes I didn't think I would like (like Hip Hop Fitness) I tried and love, it really helps my core muscles.  After each class I walk away having more energy and feeling good about myself!

Shannon G.

One year ago I was feeling so complacent in my sedentary lifestyle that making a change to incorporate fitness into my life seemed so insurmountable.  One day I took the plunge and tried a Zumba class at The Groove.  

Today, I am 115lbs lighter, fitter than I've ever been, and I have recently become a licensed Zumba instructor!  Starting on a weightloss journey is hard (really hard) but sticking with it is hard too!  I feel so blessed to have found a place that provides encouragement so consistently.  I look forward to my daily dose of Groove, and have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of motivational support from my fellow Groov-ers.  

I am so excited to start teaching Zumba and I hope I can pay forward some of that support and encouragement to others on their fitness journeys!

Brenda H.

I just want to let everyone know if you are having trouble with your balance and just not strong enough, try out Piloxing.  I was having trouble with my balance and strength so I started to go and now my great grandson is so happy that I can lift him up on my legs to make him fly.  That didn't happen before I started Piloxing.  I am able to do so much more.  Especially as I am getting older and I had a job that I sat in front of a computer.  I now go to The Groove about four times per week and feel so much better.  Thanks Jen Burgmeier for pushing me to get stronger and to believe in me that I can do it.

Carrie B.

I am a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful kids and an awesome husband.  But I have been overweight for a very long time.  I have struggled with my weight my entire life.  It wasn't until high school that I would finally have been able to say I was thin, but I didn't realize I was.  I was too used to being heavy that all I saw in the mirror was the same overweight girl.  Having kids and settling down brought all the weight back before I could appreciate the loss.  I was lazy and unhappy.  I decided it was time to change.  Then I found my saving grave, The Groove and Jen.  I was scared of the challenge, but dove in and embraced it.  This time I will see the change and appreciate it when I reach my goal.  I can't live without my Zumba now.  I absolutely love it.  The atmosphere and Jen's infectious spirit drive me to work hard and have fun doing it.  I am more than fifty pounds lighter now and still pushing!

Rob L.

I have been coming to The Groove for about 9 months; starting with Low Impact Zumba, dancing shyly with no rhythm, and not in the shape I wanted to be.  With Jen's help and encouragement, I added regular Zumba to my schedule, and now attend Piloxing and small group circuit training as well.  

Little by little, my dancing improved, my fitness level grew to the best it has even been in my 51 years, and I found myself feeling like a part of The Groove Family.  I transitioned from hiding in the back of the room, to the front row, and relatively frequently now even dancing on the stage!  

Since joining The Groove, I have maintained a weight loss of about 25 pounds, cut my cholesterol medication by 200%, and frequently hear from friends that they can see the difference in my appearance.  But the best compliment I received was at my last doctor's visit, when he commented how, in addition to my weight and healthy bloodwork, he could even feel abdominal muscles, which I have never had before!

Thank you so much to Jen, Tim/Michael, Lynzi, Shannon, and all of my Zumba family for helping me feel so comfortable, while challenging me to be the best possible version of me!


Inspiration comes in various forms and sources - but in my life it is a three letter word:

J - E - N

Thanks for being my inspiration.


I have always been very active, and motivated to be healthy.  Groove Fitness has been a wonderful addition to this lifestyle the past few years.  Not only has it given me new, enjoyable ways to challenge myself, but it has allowed me to meet new people.  I look forward to the social aspect of the "Groove Family."  It has given me confidence in which I have been able to push myself outside my comfort level.  I have gained more self-confidence and assurance thanks to this other family.  I look forward to more good times!

Vickie Knotts

After many years and many gym memberships, 2.5 years ago I found The Groove.  No more forcing myself to go!

I love the music, the energy, the members, and Jen.

For an hour (and sometimes more) I can forget my troubles and leave there energized and ready to tackle the next hurdle.  

My cholesterol is down 20 points, my weight is down 15 lbs with more to go, but when I reach the goal I will be rocking some wild Zumba pants.

Proud to be a 65 year old Grandma that can keep up with the kiddos.

Michele Wilkes

I tell anyone who will listen how the atmosphere Jen has created at The Groove can change mind, body, and spirit.  Jen and all the friends I've made changed my life.

This summer I had a partial tear to my calf and tendon.  I was stuck at home, not allowed my regular workouts.  I was feeling depressed and a little self destructive.  But Jen kept in contact with me, pushing me to keep working my upper body and to stay positive.  Other members checked in on me and sent cards and notes.

All that love and support kept me motivated to get healed and back in the game.  It took a little time, but I'm back and stronger than ever.  You just don't get that kind of support anywhere else.  

I love my Groove Family.  This gym is my home.

Alanna C.

I just started coming to The Groove just to get myself out of the house.  Little did I know that becoming a part of The Groove community would help me grow as a person.  Everyone at The Groove is so welcoming, kind, and encouraging that I can leave all my problems at the door before I even walk in.  I'm thankful for The Groove because I can really be myself; to just let loose and dance all my stresses and problems away.  Everytime I leave The Groove, I always feel better than when I arrived.

Mary L.

My first experience at The Groove was an epic fail.  I attended a class with my sister, a class taught by an energetic and amazing teacher.  I was encouraged to what I could, and that sounded great to me.  Then the music started, and people were moving their arms and legs to the music.  I was frozen in the corner because I did not know if I should only move my arms, or only move my legs, or both.  I left after only 5 minutes (5 minutes may be an overestimation).  I thought I would hurt someone or myself.  This class was way beyond my moving ability.  Jen heard about my Zumba experience, and she private messaged me on Facebook to encourage me to attend the Zumba Gold classes.  Well, I tried a Zumba Gold class and absolutely loved it.  I have been attending regularly.  Zumba Gold and the amazing group of women and men that I have been exercising with is the perfect fit for me.  Jen, I thank you from the bottom of my hear for my Zumba Gold recommendation.

Mary Jo

Groove Fitness is FAMILY.  It is a place to feel free.  NO worries or cares, just singing, dancing, and letting your hair down.  It is also a place to be yourself and to move at your own ability, feeling free to make any modifications.  No one judges you for your physical appearance or clothing or if you missed a step or went left when they went right.  The Groove is my happy place.  All of us at The Groove have opportunities to make new friends, renew past friendships, discover common bonds.  I am a more positive, organized, energetic person since I've come here.  Groove Fitness is my second home! Thanks Jen and staff!


On August 23, 2016 at 51 years young, I had a heart attack.  The doctor put two stents in my heart.  He told me I had a 100% blockage and I'm lucky to still be here.  Part of the plan of care for me was to modify my diet and to attend 12 weeks of cardiac rehab.  After I completed that I was to continue cardio workouts on my own.  Not knowing what to do or where to go, I joined a local gym.  I went there even though it was so boring and I dreaded going.  One day my neighbor suggested I come with her to Zumba at The Groove.  I went with her one night as a favor to her.  I thought by going then I could say I tried it.  Well, I tried it and loved it and have been coming ever since.  I finally found something I liked and wanted to do and it's a great cardio workout which is now a huge part of my life.  I can work at my own speed by going full tilt or slowing my pace as needed.  Being part of a group of all the wonderful people that come to The Groove makes it even more fun!  Thank you Jen for doing what you do and for sharing with all of us!


The Groove is more than a place to get fit, it's a place to make priceless friendships!  It seems harder to make friends as an adult in my mid-twenties than any other time in my life.  A few years ago I moved to the area to be with my (now) husband.  The year prior to this, I was OBSESSED with Zumba and getting to see my friends almost daily.  I had lost 100lbs by walking with friends and never missing Zumba (and of course eating right).  I was missing my friends a lot, who I obviously couldn't move here.  I then thought I'd try to find a Zumba class locally, Googled it and found The Groove.  I met several nice people but there was one lady in particular who had just started going as well.  Once we got to talking we realized we had similarities in our lives and seemed to hit it off.  The two of us and our husbands have grown to be good friends over the past year.  This is just one example of the many, many valuable friendships I have gained from walking through those doors.  I love the positivity everyone is glowing with, I never leave without a smile on my face!  I would have never expected this but I couldn't feel more blessed to be a part of The Groove, it has opened so many doors for me.

Mari Jo Reese

My passion is dog agility.  After beginning training my Aussie and subsequently neglecting my own health I started having issues with my lungs.  I have exercise induced asthma and have had to use my inhaler every time I ran her.  After complaining about my footwork, my friend urged me to start coming to Zumba with her.  Very quickly I started to love it and after a few months not only did my footwork and agility improve but the need to use my inhaler both before Zumba class and agility class has disappeared.  I absolutely love running my dogs and all because of Jen and The Groove I am able to really get out there in the ring and push myself.  I am excited to see what the future holds for me and my dogs in the trial ring.  I can say without a doubt that this wouldn't have been possible if not for Jen.  I'm so greatful for my friend Tina for taking me into that first class!

Brenda Green

Well, where do I start?  Since coming to The Groove, I am experiencing a new life.  I've met lots of new friends who are no family.  I do all types of activities with my new Groove Family.  Everyday there is something new to look forward to!  I've learned so many new things - I've learned to dance, how to exercise, I've learned about music, and how to live a healthy lifestyle.  I gained self-confidence which I had never had before.  From the very first moment I entered Jen's Groove, I was instantly addicted and I knew that this is where I wanted to spend everyday because being here makes me happier than I've ever been before in my life.  I've found positivity, good vibes, fun times, love, kindness, friends, laughter, and Jen's inspiring ways.  I feel like I've found my life.  Never having had any of these things in my life before, I knew it felt 100% right.  I've been coming to The Groove for almost a year now and it has been the best year of my life.  Quite frankly, now I can't even imagine my life without it.  The feelings you get when you come here just blows me away.  It's magical!  Thank you, Jen Burgmeier for all of this goodness!


As long as I have been going to The Groove, I noticed some changed in me - including weight loss, increase in strength, and the ability that you can do any class that you put your mind to.  Losing weight is hard, but anyone that tries any of the classes at The Groove, will notice changes in a month - believe me, I did!  And after these classes you take, makes you feel great!  I'm blessed that I can workout and dance in a wonderful place, with so many wonderful people.


I was feeling low last week - it was my Mom's 89th birthday and she passed away two years ago, but that wasn't all of why I was feeling sad - my dad had passed away just five days before my Mom.

I didn't feel up to Zumba that day, but I got myself there.  As soon as you walk in the door, you can usually be greeted by several girls you know and then by Jen - who is ALWAYS upbeat!!  And she asks how you are - our care and concern for one another definitely stems from Jen's genuinely caring personality.  I'm sure we've all been to different gyms and exercise classes, so we can appreciate how welcome she makes us feel.  Not to mention how she REALLY gets us motivated - to give our all and to do the best we possibly can!

Halfway through the class, I was feeling more energized and not as sad.  Life will always have its ups and downs, but we are all SO FORTUNATE to have one another as friends - to life one another up and encourage one another!  Thank you for all being friends to each other!

EJ Shannon

Engaging in positive thinking and positive activities is what The Groove Fitness Studio is all about.  About and year and a half ago, I walked into The Groove never expecting the positive vibes when I walked through the door.  Many ladies came up and said hello.  I was never a dancer and always felt I was very uncoordinated.  No one cares if you can't bust a move, all I felt when I was at Zumba was the positive energy that filled the room.  I have met a bunch of ladies who will be my friends for the rest of my life.  Also, I love that Jen gives back to the community and gets the Groove Family involved.  She shows the true spirit of Christmas 365 days a year.  Everyday may not be good but there is something good everyday when you walk through the doors of The Groove Fitness Studio.