Camp Groove

Kids Dance and Fitness Summer Camp

July 22-26: 12:00pm-2:00pm

Family & Friends are invited to a showcase @ 1:00pm Friday 7/26

Ages 5-10

$60/registrant (registration fee includes performance t-shirt and daily snack)

Kids may be dropped off no earlier than 11:50 and must be picked up by 2:10.

The Kid’s Dance and Fitness Summer Camp will be an active week of fitness games and creative challenges. Their day will begin with the kids practicing a special dance performance for Friday’s showcase. Each day of the week has a different fitness focus (see schedule below) and will be full of fun and cooperative fitness-based activities to encourage healthy habits and emphasize the benefits of working together to be creative, stay active, and have fun!

Monday: Dance Day

Tuesday: Boot Camp Day

Wednesday: Yoga Day

Thursday: Fitness Circuit Day

Friday: Showcase Day!

This camp is perfect for active kids wanting to challenge themselves by learning new fitness moves (can you hold a crow’s pose unassisted?, hold a handstand against a wall?, climb a rope to the ceiling?), having fun with the stand-by favorites (jumping jacks, somersaults, crab walk, etc.), and working with a partner/team to create their own fitness challenges (what’s a triple touchdown backslide? you tell us!)

Jen Burgmeier is a certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, she is CPR certified, and has been a licensed Zumba Kids instructor for over 4 years. Does Jen look familiar to your child? She’s visited most of the local elementary schools and daycares to share her enthusiasm for dance and fitness with our local kids!